Mingzhe Dai

Department of Geosciences, Princeton Univeristy


Welcome to my pages! I am Mingzhe Dai. Feel free to call me Damon.

I am a Ph.D. student at Princeton Geoscience, working with Daniel Sigman and Elizabeth Niespolo to measure nitrogen and carbon isotopes from the biomineral-bound organics, in order to reconstruct the paleoenvironment.

Before arriving at Princeton, I finished my bachelor degree in geology at Nanjing University of China, where I started my research journey in my freshman year. I delineated the environmental and climatic changes in East China through organic carbon isotope records. In my sophomore year, in collaboration with researchers at Caltech, I evaluated the methane emission from Los Angeles and its impact on global warming via analyzing satellite remote sensing data. I focused my thesis on the numerical model of the microbial sulfate reduction reaction, which combines bacteria metabolism with diffusion effect in the sediments, and predicts the isotope features as observed.

You can email me at mingzhe.dai@princeton.edu.

Download my CV here.