My fieldwork

2021 Chaohu Lake region

2020 Jingtoushan

A screenshot of my live lecture

A lecturer to popularize science

I believe that science should be brought to the general public! With this hope, I joined the Li-Siguang Honored Lecturers Team in Nanjing University, which has a history of decades. I starred in a live talk show with above 1,3000 online viewers at the 14th Geoscience Festival of Nanjing University. The topic of my speech was the climate impact on human evolution and history. In the 2020 summer, I gave another lecture on the same topic. These successes helped me win the permanent lecturer position in this honored team. And more importantly, I really enjoy delivering my knowledge and passion to my audience!

A mentor in undergraduate study and research

Since my junior, I have been serving as a mentor for the freshmen and sophomores in the An-bang Academy at our university. As a mentor, I help students with their schoolwork, career planning, and research program. I hold a lecture introducing study abroad, which turned out to be very popular among freshmen. Now three junior students have been in close contact with me to and I share my views of studying abroad. I am also leading a National Undergraduate Research Program and freshmen and sophomores can always seek advice from me on questions like how to find a research program fitted for them.

My lecture